Social Media Post Analysis

Reviews and Ratings

Sentiment Analysis







  • Based on our analysis we can analyse the sentiment distribution of posts
  • Sentiment: Positive
  • “Good airport. Lots of options for food bathrooms were good, security flowed pretty well and trams were efficient and quick. ”
  • Sentiment: Negative
  • “It was very overcrowded. That might have been because of the MLK holiday, but on of the trams were down and a week later still down.”
  • Sentiment: Neutral
  • “Went through quick with TSA Pre. 15 minutes to go through security.”

Emotion Distribution

Topic Distribution

Classify Review Topics

Terms for Each Topic

Sentiment Analysis of terms (Topic: Food)

Terms for each topic

Positive word cloud

Negative word cloud

Monthly Sentiment Distribution

Topic Distribution By Months

Flight Sentiment Analysis in January

Adjective Distribution

Top Adjectives

Adjectives Distribution For Each Topic

Project Outline

  • Goal
  • Airport KPIs
  • Analysed Posts
  • Social Media Campaign
  • SWOT

Overall Benefits


Possibility to check the problems directly from the customers without wasting much time reviewing each post. Instead see the overall results on a dashboard


Analyze the specific topics your customers are reviewing and evaluating

Insights Over Time

If this analysis will be run regularly it will be possible to track the customer satisfaction over time. This is powerful insight to track the efforts are improving the results and discover what else still needs to be improved.

Project Goal

Our product provides possibility to analyse social media posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Based on the analysis we are able to extract the insights to help the company in

  • Sentiment analysis about the product/service they are offering
  • Development of well targeted campaigns

Airport KPIs


wait time is the most evident display of efficient airport operations. This KPI tells us if security lines are staffed appropriately at the right times to move passengers through at an expected speed.


Immigration experiences one of the largest arriving passenger crushes on a daily basis. High wait times here signal improvements that can be made such as opening more lines, adopting modern technology for faster intake, and staffing employees to help direct passengers


The check in counter is the traveler’s first personal interaction with your airport. Many airports have a goal of moving passengers through from curb to gate within 30 minutes.

Baggage Claim

How quickly are baggage handlers getting travelers’ luggage from plane to carousel is an important KPI. Customers satisfaction is increased when they arrive at the baggage claim see the belt already spinning with your flight’s luggage.

Airport KPIs


Gate Allocation, On time performance


Mishandled baggage

Airport Customer Service

Food and retail offerings

Analysed Posts

We can analyse posts on social media and observe which airport KPIs need improvement the most:

  • Author Information of the post
  • Review scores distribution in social media
  • Sentiment Analysis of reviews
  • Based on the texts define the best and worst characteristics of the airport

Social Media Campaigns

Based on our dashboard we will be able to extract information for:

  • Planning the campaigns
  • Analysing the feedback from customers on marketing activities

Campaigns can be created based on:

  • Location of the Airport
  • Targeted Content of the Campaign



  • Detailed insights about the customers
  • Better planned campaigns
  • Improved operations


  • Not all reviews might contain the detailed information
  • Not all complaints are easy to track and solve


  • Based on the post’s author information, one can create more detailed and targeted campaigns
  • Prioritize feature improvement of the properties that customers are most sensitive to
  • Identify if review are reliable or not


  • Private retail companies at the airport not willing to change or improve services

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