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Debunking Myths About Outsourcing AI Services

Debunking Myths About Outsourcing AI Services

Increased efficiency, accelerated project development, reduced costs – these are only a fraction of the benefits that IT talent outsourcing offers companies.

With the increasing digitization around the world and the popularization of remote working, the culture of outsourcing has seen a great rise. Even industry giants like Google, WhatsApp, and Slack are outsourcing, making it an effective and proven business model for others to follow.

However, regardless of the benefits and popularity, some companies are still unsure whether this business practice is worth considering. Such confusion is caused by the myths and misconceptions surrounding the practice of outsourcing, and that is exactly what we will be debunking today.

Myth # 1: Outsourcing companies provide poor service

One of the most popular criticisms against the practice of outsourcing is that it can harm the quality of your product or service.

This stigma is mainly due to the fact that outsourcing is cheaper. And although in some cases, a lower price may mean lower quality, it is not entirely true. 

In the case of outsourcing, the most famous destinations are developing countries due to the lower cost of living. Workers in these countries earn lower wages due to lower prices for housing, food, etc. compared to developed countries.

This means that an equally talented and experienced worker can be outsourced cheaper from developing countries than hiring an employee locally in a developed country. 

So don’t worry about the fact that you are paying less as it has nothing to do with the actual quality of service.

The quality of the outsourcing service is more related to the skills of the staff. Therefore just as hiring an employee requires an in-depth examination and interview, so does outsourcing to a company. 

Since you are delegating a significant part of your project to an external team, it is crucial to do your research and make sure that the team is truly capable of helping your company. Find out the 5 most important things to consider before outsourcing a team.

Myth # 2: Outsourcing is not safe

Another concern with outsourcing is data security and privacy. This is a legitimate concern, as data security is vital to the success of a business. Ensuring that customer data is stored securely is not an advantage, but rather a strict requirement regulated by law.

It makes sense that working with a third party can lead to security concerns, however if you are doing business with a trusted and experienced outsourcing company then you need not worry.

In fact, ensuring the security of their customers’ data is a top priority for reputable and experienced outsourcing companies. This is the exact reason why these companies are proactive in the drafting of confidentiality agreements (NDAs), as well as in the implementation of various security measures such as:

  • Establishing strong passwords and requiring multi-factor authentications;
  • Using antivirus software and virtual private network (VPN);
  • Ensuring an up-to-date operating system;
  • Educating employees about data security;
  • Etc. 

So if an outsourcing company is professional and takes security, there is no need to worry. However, be sure to ask what safety measures the company has in place.

Ensuring such protective measures and establishing trust is the main reason that outsourcing companies get new clients and continue being a reliable partner.

Myth # 3: You lose control of your projects.

Concern about losing control of projects is another reason that prevents companies from outsourcing their projects. Companies fear they will not be able to see and follow the project development process.

The reality is that reputable outsourcing companies are extremely good and highly experienced in project management and reporting.

Having worked with many clients and many projects, outsourcing companies know that clients need to be aware of the development process.

That is why, in addition to email and telephone communications, outsourcing companies effectively use project management tools such as Jira, Asana, Trello, etc. so that their clients can see in more detail the status of each individual task and who is assigned to it as well as deadlines, advanced reports and much more.

Myth # 4: Cultural and linguistic barriers

The difference in culture and norms, as well as the language barrier, is also a factor of concern for companies when considering outsourcing.

The truth is that successful outsourcing companies have clients from all over the world. For this reason, these companies ensure that their employees have a good command of the English language so that the communication process with customers is as fluid as possible.

Also, if the outsourcing company has worked with numerous international clients, it is aware of cultural differences and makes sure to meet the communication style preferences that clients have.

Myth # 5: Time zone difference is a problem

Companies also tend to avoid outsourcing because they believe that time differences can create a collaboration problem.

However, there are always overlapping hours between teams, which can be used to exchange information and inquiries. Some outsourcing companies that have clients with different time zones offer night shifts to make sure teams overlap during their work.

The agile methodology is another way that companies overcome time differences. Companies find it helpful to increase the frequency of communication during the initial stage and decrease it in the development and design stage. Plus, with many collaborative tools like Google Docs and Slack, the communication process is easier and faster.


Outsourcing gives companies the opportunity to quickly gain access to skills and resources and fill the talent gap. With the help of outsourcing, companies can achieve greater efficiency at lower costs. 

Just like every business practice, outsourcing also comes with risks. However, when partnering with an experienced and reputable company, outsourcing can be a very effective method of enhancing your projects and gaining a competitive advantage. 

If you are looking for a reputable outsourcing company to boost your projects, make sure to get in touch with us. MaxinAI is a team of 60+ Ph.D. level experts previously employed in companies such as General Electric, Trip Advisor, Zalando, etc. 

Schedule a free consultation call with our experts and let us show you how our talents can uplift your business!

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Outsourcing Archives - MaxinAI How Can UK Companies Address the Tech Skills Gap in 2021?
UK Outsource

How Can UK Companies Address the Tech Skills Gap in 2021?

How Can UK Companies Address the Tech Skills Gap in 2021?

The lack of qualified personnel is a problem that affects companies all over the world. This is especially true for the tech sector, as demand for tech skills soars while supply remains inadequate.

In fact, in 2021, 65% of UK businesses cite the digital skills gap as one of the biggest challenges. This is a concerning statistic, as today, when most businesses compete globally, the digital workforce is a significant boost to competitive advantage.

So how can UK companies tackle this problem and what are the most effective ways to fill the tech talent gap in 2021?

Training and free courses

We live in times of rapid technological advancements that brought revolutionary progress in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics. This requires a workforce that is up to date with these advances with their skills, knowledge and abilities.

With such rapid developments, we must realize that our skills have a shelf life, which means that providing free in-house training or courses for your staff should be an ongoing process, as it ensures that they are up-to-date with the latest industry skills trends. 

There are various platforms like Coursera for business that offer courses in data science, computer science, business, and much more.

Additionally, paying for your employees to attend conferences, seminars, and workshops can be beneficial, helping them gain more expert knowledge, network with others, and learn about the latest industry developments. You can find the list of 2021 IT and technology conferences held in the UK here

Put skills and motivation first

To ensure that your staff is professional, you must ensure high standards during the hiring process. However, changing the way a candidate is evaluated could solve the talent gap problem without sacrificing quality.

A college degree is important. Seeing that a candidate has a higher education tells the recruiter that the person has the dedication, self-discipline, and organizational skills to successfully complete a long-term project.

However, we still see industry giants like Google, Apple, or IBM no longer requiring a degree. Why is that?

Companies found that higher education requirements are limiting their hiring pools and making talent acquisition a challenging process.

This is especially true for the current situation, where newly created technology positions are being filled by candidates without the traditional four-year college degree.

“At some of our centers in the United States, as many as one third of employees have less than a four-year degree. What matters most is relevant skills, sometimes obtained through vocational training.” says IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty.

Companies understand that skills-based hiring is a better strategy to fill the talent gap. Focusing on practical experiences and the impact the candidate had on their previous work or projects could be more beneficial to the company than placing the highest importance on a college degree.


Although the steps mentioned above are a good way to start tackling the talent gap problem, there are cases and projects where companies require an experienced staff as soon as possible. What do you do in that case?

As we’ve already mentioned, tech talent is hard to find and becomes even scarcer when looking for highly specialized talent. Companies that rely on software have struggled with this for a long time, however, they found a perfect solution that solves this problem – outsourcing.

30% of UK businesses are predicting that they’ll outsource more of their IT needs, and this number is increasing even more as the recent pandemic promoted remote working and further accelerated outsourcing around the world.

Another major benefit of outsourcing, besides having access to a large pool of specialized talent, is that it could be more profitable. Many outsourcing companies based in different countries offer a more affordable service for the same talents as recruiting locally in the UK.

MaxinAI is located in Tbilisi, Georgia, a trusted IT outsourcing destination, which gives us the opportunity to offer our United Kingdom partners the best price/quality ratio.

Our team is known for:

  • Employees with 20+ years of experience in software engineering and data science. 
  • Top employees from top companies like General Electric, CERN, Trip Advisor, Zalando, etc. 
  • Top-notch talents from an unexplored market to offer you the best quality-price ratio.
  • More than 40 satisfied customers from 3 different continents. 


As the demand for tech talent continues to rise, UK companies must find creative and effective ways to attract tech professionals. If what you are looking for is a professional team at an affordable price, schedule a call with our HR consultant and let’s find out how our outsourcing services will help your business and projects succeed.

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Outsourcing Archives - MaxinAI 5 Things to Know Before Outsourcing an AI Development Team
outsourcing an AI development team

5 Things to Know Before Outsourcing an AI Development Team

5 Things to Know Before Outsourcing an AI Development Team

Today, with the help of the Internet, we are not defined by borders and we can work from home in foreign companies. Aside from remote working, the Internet has made outsourcing even more accessible for businesses.

Outsourcing has become very popular and it is not a limited practice only for small businesses. Industry giants like Google, WhatsApp, and Slack are outsourcing, making it an effective and proven business model for others to follow.

So what made this practice so popular and why are more and more companies outsourcing some services?

It’s no wonder why cost reduction is the main driver of outsourcing. It often happens that the desired professionals and services in the country where the company operates cost too much.

That is why companies prefer to employ those services from a different country where the exact work costs them less.

Another equally popular reason for outsourcing is the lack of available talent internally. This is especially true when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.

AI can provide significant benefits to companies; However, as it is still an emerging field, AI-related positions are difficult to fill.

So if you’ve decided to outsource AI talent, it’s likely due to one of the reasons mentioned above. 

Understanding the reasons for outsourcing is important, but it is equally important to know the details and technical aspects of the process to successfully outsource an AI team.

How to successfully outsource your AI team

  1. Research the team 

As the saying goes: “Supposing is good, but finding out is better”. Since you are delegating a significant part of your business operation to an external team, it is important to ensure that the members are professionals.

Try to find out the projects the team has worked on and the results they got. Ask the team for their portfolio where details of past projects, such as the problem, solution, and results are described in depth.

With the help of LinkedIn and Google search, you can also separately check the profiles of the team members and their professional background.

  1. Schedule a consultation call

Once you’ve researched the team on the web, another great way to get to know them is through a consultation call.

This step should not be skipped as it gives you an opportunity to discuss the problem you want to solve. Ask the team what ideas they have for your AI project and if they see any risks related to it.

The consultation call will not only give you a better understanding of the team’s professional background, but will also help you see how the communication will unfold. Is there a cultural fit? Or maybe a language barrier?

If you are outsourcing a team from abroad, it is important to ensure that the communication language is satisfactory and that both parties understand each other perfectly.

PS: If you are looking for a customer-centric team with expertise in fields like AI, data science, big data, data mining, and much more, look no further and schedule a free consultation call with our AI experts.

  1. Technology skillset 

Remember when we mentioned earlier that AI professionals were hard to find? That’s because AI is a challenging field and becoming a professional requires extensive experience and intelligence.

Since you want to outsource a portion of your business operations, you don’t want to settle for just any AI team, you want to make sure they are true professionals and your project is in good hands.

Ask the team what their top tech skills are and find out if they specialize in things like creating and implementing ML models, planning and executing an ML project on time, and if they know the particularities of a successful data science team.

Ideally, the AI team should be able to work crosswise with your business leaders so that together they can identify where AI can add value to your business. To successfully execute the project, an Engineering Director and project managers is also important so that all the steps are thought through and everything goes well.

In terms of other members, it depends on the project, but in general, ML engineers, data scientists, data engineers, and other professionals are often part of AI projects.

  1. Project Management process 

It is important to be aware of how the implementation and execution of your project is going. This is especially true if this is your first time partnering with the outsourcing company.

What stage is the project in? Are the deadlines being met? Is the planned budget sufficient?

To stay on top of these issues, you need constant communication with the outsourced team. While email and phone communication is an option, an effective way of being in the loop are the project management tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, etc.

The tools will help you see in more detail the status of each individual task and who is assigned to it, deadlines, advanced reports and much more.

  1. Prepare legal documents

After deciding to start the partnership with a company, make sure you have all the necessary legal documents that will protect your business.

Do not share your project details, as well as your data, with an unfamiliar company until there is a mutual agreement regarding the terms and rights between two parties.

Generally, a document signed before starting cooperation is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). However, check with your lawyers to make sure you have all the necessary documents to protect your business.


Outsourcing can be a powerful tool for your company to quickly and effectively gain access to AI talent and accelerate your project execution.

However, it is also a procedure that should be taken very seriously and thoroughly examined before engaging in it.

Pay attention to all the steps mentioned above to make sure your AI outsourcing is successful. Understand if the company of your choice is focused only on fees or if they really want to find out if there is a fit between you two. 

If their priorities are understanding your problem and making sure their service can help your business, then that is already a good sign.

Do you want a customer-centric company that takes all the steps mentioned above seriously? MaxinAI is a team of 60+ Ph.D. level experts previously employed in companies such as General Electric, CERN, Trip Advisor, Zalando, etc.

We took projects like power consumption prediction, document data extraction, facial recognition, and successfully delivered them to clients around the world.

If you want to be our next success story, schedule a free consultation with our experts and let’s build something great together! 

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