MaxinAI Today Archives - MaxinAI MaxinAI as a co-host – Amazon Web Services knowledge sharing for free
MaxinAI Amazon Web Services

MaxinAI as a co-host – Amazon Web Services knowledge sharing for free

MaxinAI as a co-host – Amazon Web Services knowledge sharing for free

The on-demand delivery of IT services over the Internet, such as servers, databases, analytics, software, etc., is known as cloud computing. With cloud computing, companies do not need to own and maintain physical data centers and servers and can instead directly access the technology services of the cloud provider.

This is what makes businesses of all sizes around the world embrace cloud computing and invest more in this solution. 

  • 2019 research from tech professionals showed that 94% of respondents are already using cloud solutions.

Such great interest and rapid adoption of cloud services means that professionals with cloud skills are in high demand, however finding them is not an easy task, making employees with cloud skills even more valuable to businesses.

MaxinAI co-hosts free AWS certification study group

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most widely adopted cloud service platforms offering database storage and computing power with many other functionalities.

Because most of the world’s largest companies run at least a portion of their operations in the AWS cloud, that’s why AWS certification became more valuable and important to IT professionals.

One of the main objectives of MaxinAI is to provide free education and useful information to aspiring professionals in the Information Technology (IT) sector.

So, in addition to the School of AI event, our team decided to partner up with AWS User Group Tbilisi and co-host a free program that aims to provide the necessary resources and assistance to individuals planning to take AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification.

How is the program conducted?

The program is conducted online  in a study group format, which means that attendees get MaxinAI’s prepared curriculum with resources and a list of topics to learn and later discuss during the event.

The study group format promotes the exchange of knowledge among the attendees, which enhances the collaborative and learning culture of the participants. 

However, in addition to the knowledge sharing, 2 of MaxinAI’s AWS-certified DevOps engineers are present during the event, who answer questions and provide necessary assistance to participants.

The goal of the program is to create a friendly and comfortable environment where everyone can come together and share their thoughts and knowledge. It will last 8 weeks and the duration of each session will be around 1 hour.

What will the program give the participants?

A participant who follows the curriculum and does the required work will have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully complete the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification. 

The fee for the certification is 150$, so it is important for a participant to have a piece of mind and know that they prepared properly for the exam.

According to the Global Knowledge research, the top two IT certifications by salary are in Cloud Industry and AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is second on the charts. 

Therefore, it is worth investing time and energy in this certification, since IT professionals with cloud computing skills are in high demand and get the largest paychecks in the industry.

MaxinAI will always support exciting projects that help professionals improve their skills and guarantee them the necessary knowledge of the future. Also, organizers say that due to the great interest and high participation, the AWS study group will definitely not be a one-time event and will be held again in the future.

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MaxinAI Today Archives - MaxinAI The CEO of MaxinAI is a member of the Forbes 30 under 30 jury
MaxinAI forbes David

The CEO of MaxinAI is a member of the Forbes 30 under 30 jury

The CEO of MaxinAI is a member of the Forbes 30 under 30 jury

Founded in 1917, Forbes is a global media company that for more than a century has been publishing content on business, innovation, entrepreneurship and lifestyle.

With its strong reputation, Forbes has access to the world’s most influential entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, and leaders. 

Therefore, it is no wonder that every event and summit organized and hosted by Forbes is always in the spotlight and highly anticipated by attendees.

One of those summits that has evolved into a huge success is Forbes 30 Under 30. The event is about young entrepreneurs and innovators who are building the future of business and society with their creative and bold minds.

In just 10 years, Forbes 30 under 30 reached milestones such as:

  • 200+ World-Class Speakers
  • 9K+ Global Attendees
  • 500+ Top Investors
  • 2.3B Social Reach

Forbes Georgia

Forbes 30 under 30 is an event that takes place in almost all regions and countries, and Georgia is no exception. For some years now, Georgian entrepreneurs who have achieved success before their 30s have been competing in this event.

In 2018, David Khosroshvili, the CEO of MaxinAI was on the list of entrepreneurs chosen by the jury. This year he still participates in the event, however, from a different place, as a jury himself.

Here is what he had to say about the event: 

“Participating in Forbes 30 under 30 is a great honor and opens many doors for young entrepreneurs. Nominees can mention it on their profiles like LinkedIn and gain access to a wider audience and a broader pool of investors.

The event  serves as a public recognition and acknowledgment to entrepreneurs that they are on the right track and should continue with what they are doing.

In 2018, when I was one of the nominees of the event, I remember my friends from all over the world like the United States and Chile congratulating me. This once again shows the international recognition that Forbes 30 under 30 has.

Since our country still remains undiscovered in some parts of the world, this is especially important for Georgian entrepreneurs who are marketing themselves to a global audience. 

Mentioning that they have been selected in Forbes 30 under 30 gives them a special promotion and validation when networking with investors internationally.

The event also has a great impact on the popularization of our country and I hope that more and more young Georgian entrepreneurs will participate in it in the future ”.

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MaxinAI Today Archives - MaxinAI Reasons why working at MaxinAI is awesome
Work MaxinAI

Reasons why working at MaxinAI is awesome

Reasons why working at MaxinAI is awesome

Have you dreamed of becoming a superhero as a child? So why don’t you join MaxinAI and live your dream then? 

We fight crime by preventing identity fraud, protect public safety by ensuring compliance with food regulations, and make the world a better palace by helping to drive clean and renewable energy. All this with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, of course 🙂

But before we get to that, let’s quickly talk about other points.

Employee satisfaction is our goal

From the very beginning MaxinAI has been paying a lot of attention to employee satisfaction, however in the last period as the company started growing, we decided to set ambitious yet achievable goals, one of them being becoming the top employer in Georgia.

We are well aware that employee appreciation goes beyond pay raise. That is why as of this year we have a Talent Management Specialist appointed to provide a pleasant and enjoyable work environment by constantly obtaining feedback on the needs of our staff.

P.S. Exactly based on feedback, our team members will be offered a free membership in SOLO Bank, a premium bank that provides exclusive services such as personal banker and lounge so that our employees can get the best banking experience.

Flexible hours

One of the things that differentiates us from other companies is the trust in our staff. MaxinAI is a results-oriented team, which means that we do not measure the effectiveness of employees based on the time they spend in the office.

“The company is results-oriented and understands the importance of flexibility for its employees, which is why it does not have these set rules that sometimes force you to be present in the office from 9 to 5.” – Lasha Pertakhia, Machine Learning Engineer at MaxinAI

We trust our staff and are happy to offer them the freedom of choice and help them balance their work and personal life by offering the option of flexible hours.

Remote work 

During the last year, the pandemic situation was the main driver of the growth of teleworking. Which was a novel process for many companies and created some confusion. However, here at MaxinAI remote work was nothing new.

By constantly seeking feedback from our team and keeping an eye on the latest hiring trends, we know that some employees want to work from the comfort of their home. 

That is why MaxinAI gives you the freedom to choose between a cozy office (when circumstances allow) or your home.

Learning culture

By joining MaxinAI, you will join a team of Ph.D. level AI and ML experts who have worked on various projects and are always happy to share their experiences and help others to learn and grow continuously.

Also, the company encourages and funds its staff to apply for different conferences, enroll in necessary courses, or request books that can help them learn more and grow.

“The greatest value of MaxinAI is the company’s work-based learning style. In my case, I dedicate half of my working day to my work tasks and the other half to learning and self-development.” – Nodo Okroshiashvili, Data Scientist at MaxinAI

No corporate hierarchy 

MaxinAI encourages its employees to communicate vertically across management and also horizontally between teams as often as they like. We are not fans of bureaucratic processes. No need to wait for approval from your managers, just ping your teammates about work or ask how their day is going.

“Even though there is subordination to some degree, there is no corporate hierarchy and no bureaucracy. The environment is very friendly and having an open-door policy makes me feel more comfortable and appreciated, as my voice and ideas are always heard.” – Nodo Okroshiashvili, Data Scientist at MaxinAI

Meaningful projects

Let’s get back to becoming a superhero. Forget the dull and uninteresting tasks, you will never get bored working with us because you will always be involved in interesting and impactful projects. 

“The work we do here not only helps companies overcome the limitations of their human workforce, but also contributes to making the world a better place and this is what I enjoy about MaxinAI.” – Lasha Kharshiladze, Machine Learning Engineer at MaxinAI

Improvement is a continuous process

We know that the employee experience should be optimized through continuous improvement. That is why we implement a culture of feedback that goes both ways, from managers to employees and vice versa.

In this way we quickly identify pain points and do our best to address them and make our staff  feel as comfortable as possible.

How can I apply?

Did you like our company culture? Do you think you would be a great addition to the team? Then don’t think twice! Send your CV to [email protected] and tell us what you are good at. We would love to get to know you better.

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MaxinAI Today Archives - MaxinAI The School of AI – How MaxinAI creates the foundation for a better future
school of AI

The School of AI – How MaxinAI creates the foundation for a better future

The School of AI – How MaxinAI creates the foundation for a better future

As you know, here at MaxinAI, we are proud to be a part of many interesting and impactful projects such as energy demand forecasting or automated data extraction that have helped companies around the world to operate more efficiently.

However, one project we are especially proud of is one that helped contribute to the success of the people involved, enhanced their job opportunities, and exposed them to valuable new experiences for free. 

The project is School of AI, a free educational initiative that offers interested people lectures about AI, led by leading machine learning and NLP experts as well as data scientists. 

The duration of the School of AI was 1 year and from the time of the announcement, it instantly became a trending topic on social media. 

Due to the great interest, there were certain qualification requirements, such as knowledge of the basics of linear algebra, the basics of calculus, and knowledge of one of the programming languages that ensured that attendees got the best value for their time.

The students who attended the lectures were from different backgrounds, from doctors and mathematicians to college students with less academic backgrounds, yet what brought everyone together was great interest and desire to learn machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Bringing people together with different backgrounds and providing them with the tools and skills necessary to develop their knowledge about AI was the main inspiration for the School of AI. 

School MaxinAI

“Our motivation was to awaken the interest of young people in AI and also to give the opportunity to those academics who are interested in the field but who struggle with the first steps,” says Levan Tsinadze, AI & Machine Learning Architect and one of the main speakers of the School of AI.

“The project also helped us to once again show Georgia on the world map, as many of the attendees continued with AI, some of them publishing academic articles and others working in prestigious companies.” 

  • What exactly did the School of AI offer attendees to spark such high interest and demand?

“The unique point of the school was its curriculum. Our goal was to offer the full experience of working with AI. Therefore, apart from the theoretical aspect, we also emphasize the same importance in practical experience. So one day we had the theoretical part and the next day practical workshops”.

  • What did the workshops include?

“Data collection, organization and classification as well as training and implementation of the machine learning models were some of the topics that the attendees would address during the workshops.

The goal was to show them real-life scenarios that are drastically different from the books where the data provided is already organized and classified. Going through all of these details gave the students an overview of the entire working process and prepared them for the challenges encountered in real-life. “

  • How does the person who attended the School of AI with little knowledge change after finishing the program?

“If the person started the School of AI with the knowledge of basics of calculus and linear algebra, then with the experience of 1 year of workshops and the theoretical background acquired, after finishing the program, they are fully qualified machine learning engineers.

But also, they leave with an equally important asset which is the new network of people, professionals and academics also interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence.”

  • What are some of the School of AI’s success stories?

“During the study process, we saw talented people of whom some started to work for MaxinAI and continue to be an important part of our company.

Many attendees with newly acquired machine learning experience were able to read lectures at different universities. And some are also helping famous companies in different sectors such as banks, with all the knowledge obtained in the School of AI “

With all the positive experiences and success stories, it is no wonder that we continue to receive so many requests and inquiries from people interested in the School of AI and wondering when it will take place again.

The founders of MaxinAI believe in education and want it to be accessible to everyone. That is why The School of AI will keep paving the way for all those interested in AI with theoretical and practical learning experiences at no cost.

And while recent global developments have altered the way we operate in our daily lives, we are brainstorming new ways for our school to provide the same quality of education that we will announce very soon, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media channels.

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MaxinAI Today Archives - MaxinAI How MaxinAI accelerated auto claims for Georgia’s largest insurance company
Car damage detection AI

How MaxinAI accelerated auto claims for Georgia’s largest insurance company

How MaxinAI accelerated auto claims for Georgia’s largest insurance company

Today, the automation of certain business operations has become a necessity for many companies. Now why is that? Because exactly through automation, companies can achieve higher productivity while reducing costs.

Automating repetitive tasks that were previously carried out by semi-skilled labor is nothing new, but how about doing it in processes that require human intellect, logic and perception?

Some companies are reluctant to delegate human-managed tasks to computers, but developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) show that doing so not only improves certain operations, but can also be cheaper.

Artificial intelligence damage recognition

Real-life example: car damage recognition with AI

One of Georgia’s largest insurance companies partnered with MaxinAI to create an application that would automate the entire motor vehicle damage claim process.

The company wanted an app that would allow users to file a damage claim by taking a photo of the car that would then be analyzed by machine learning algorithms, detecting the damage and estimating its cost.

Before the MaxinAI solution

Human Error

Before our solution, damage detection was done manually, which was not an easy task. Insurance agents receive special training to identify and assess car damage. And while agents are really good at this, there are still cases of human error that result in unfair compensation.


Some customers have noticed this flaw and have tried to take advantage of it. Insurance fraud is a problem that affects all insurance companies around the world and our partner was no exception. 

Therefore, the company needed a solution that would solve the problem of exaggerating the damages or claims for damages that were present even before the vehicle was insured.

Waiting time

Since the process was handled manually, an agent was required to inspect the vehicle and customers had to complete some paperwork. Therefore, our partner realized that automating this process without the need for human intervention would speed up the waiting process.

Our Solution

We developed a deep learning algorithm that was trained on more than 50,000 images to recognize the exact area of damage and classify the damage. 

For better model performance, the scraped images included all kinds of vehicle defects such as flat tires, broken windows, dents, vandalism, and crashes. In this way, the model could identify various types of damage. 

Later, with the increase in images provided by users, the algorithm had more data to learn and became smarter in detection and identification. 


Our custom AI solution automated car damage detection and price estimation. In addition to identifying the new damages, it was also possible to check whether the damages recently reported by users already existed before. How exactly? 

When insuring a car, customers have to upload the image of their vehicle from various angles, which helps our model to see what impairment is already present on the car, so the image serves as a point of reference. 

In this way, during the claim of new incidents, the model verifies with the previous image to see if the claimed damage is indeed new, avoiding the human error factor and reducing the cases of insurance fraud.

Because the process is automated and can be started immediately after an accident by a person uploading an image of the damaged vehicle to the app, the waiting time for coverage is also reduced


Constantly evolving customer expectations require companies to continue and innovate their services.

You might think that cost savings is the biggest benefit of AI-powered damage detection solutions; However, it is just as important to create convenience for your users. 

Allowing customers to quickly upload the car’s image on the app instead of a traditional slow and unpleasant damage assessment process increases customer satisfaction, which is directly related to the company’s profits.

If you want your business to gain a competitive advantage with AI, our team will be more than happy to team up with you and start making a success story from our mutual project. Schedule a free consultation call with our experts. Let’s do something cool together!

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