MaxinAI For Startups

About Us

International Company, 50+ employees

  • Industry Experts
  • Data Scientists and Data Engineers
  • Software Engineers

Organizers of DataFest, the biggest data conferences in the region

Data Science Georgia community leaders

School of AI organizers


  • Consult startups in AI domain
  • Collect data from different sources, ETL, analytics
  • Train and fine-tune Machine Learning models
  • Deploy on a Cloud
  • Customize Dashboard, data vizualization
  • Web/Mobile UI


  • Person identification, KYC
  • Vehicle data analysis from Video Stream
  • Human body/face tracking and analysis for
  • Social Media Analysis
  • IoT Dashboard
  • Data extraction from legal documents

Our Partners

Data Revenue


Host Compliance


STX Next


MAG Consulting



Market News


Collaboration Model

PoC phase

  • 1 Week free consultancy, free PoC
  • Paid if lasts for 1-2 months
  • Gives startups ability to get investment

MVP project

  • Longer project
  • Deliver results
  • Support

Data Collection & Engineering

Collect data from different sources

  • Posts, News, Feeds, Real estate
  • Legal Documents, Laws, Articles
  • Data Augmentation - create data from “nowhere”
  • IoT devices
  • Any place where the data can live

Data storage on Cloud services - AWS, GCP, Azure
Data visualization using diagrams and charts
Customizable Dashboards

Machine Learning


  • Use collected data, combine data sources
  • Create train/validation dataset

Train Machine Learning model

  • Baseline model
  • Fine-tuning
  • Predict future values

Show on a interactive dashboard


  • PoC of your product, State-of-the-art AI models
  • Highly customizable Dashboard/Web/Mobile
  • Higher chance of investment
  • Insights from your data
  • Experts’ opinion/consultancy
  • Data Science team for the future steps

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