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Our History

3+ years, on international market

  • 40+ projects, completed
  • Focused on US and EU market

Group of 50 employees

  • Industry Experts
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Data Scientists and Data Engineers
  • Could Architects
  • Software Engineers

- Organizers of DataFest Tbilisi, the biggest data conference in the region
- Data Science Georgia community leaders, organizers of School of AI


Many companies have huge number of documents

  • Struggle to extract meaningful data
  • Unable to process all documents upon request

In average, an employee spends 20 minutes to:

  • Review a document
  • Extract meaningful data and values
  • Assess risks related to a document
  • Prepare corresponding report


Automated system that can:

  • Process large number of documents
  • Answer all the questions given by an user
  • Create corresponding report
  • Send the report to existing systems for post-processing

In the era of AI state-of-the-art Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing tools give us ability to achieve the goal

Our Product

Our product processes documents using state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing Deep Learning models

  • Applies OCR and extracts context
  • Asks questions against that context and extracts data points
  • Extracts values from data points - Dates, Names, Amounts and Currencies
  • Displays final report as structures data

We deliver:

  • User Interface to process documents and view results
  • Email and push notifications to send reports
  • API and SDK integration with existing systems

Our Product

Usa Case 1 - COVID19 effect

Customer: Spanish Legal Company

Industry: Legal for Enterprise

Task: Detect COVID-19 related force major risks

  • Process thousands of documents
  • Extract actionable data points related to force major
  • Validate and detect potential risks
  • Send notifications to users

Usa Case 2 - Real Estate

Customer: UK based real estate startup

Industry: Property management

Taks: Rental Agreement processing

  • Automatically extract structured data
  • Validate document data
  • Detect potential risks
  • Prepare comprehensive report

Our Team


15 years in Software Engineering and Data Science

Data Scientist @ Zalando Ireland

Data Scientist @ TripAdvisor

Founder and community leader of Data Science Tbilisi
Organizer of DataFest Tbilisi


15 years in Software Engineering and Data Science

Ph.D. Data Scientist @ CERN

Director of Engineering @ MaxinAI

Founder and community leader of DevOps Georgia community, coach of AI startups


20 years in software engineering and data science

10 years in Govt. IT management

CTO of several startups

Background in Advanced Maths. Data Science expertise, organizer of Deep Learning Tbilisi

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